Shepherd's Center of Fort Scott

Adventures in Learning

First UMC in Fort Scott is partnering with the national network of Shepherd’s Centers to provide educational and social opportunities

that bring older adults together. 


Our signature Adventures in Learning program supports personal growth and discovery with courses, cultural enrichment workshops, hobby and recreational opportunities. Subjects cover a wide range of topics: computer and technology, finance, literature, music and art appreciation, world religion, “how-to,” politics, current events, historical events and figures, foreign languages, hobbies, and so much more.


Most class instructors are retired older adults, with a number of special interests presented by community experts. Shepherd’s Centers counteract the negative effects of loneliness and isolation by connecting older adults to empowering programs that foster friendships. 


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11:30am - Gathering in Fellowship Hall and Lunch

from Marsha's Deli - free with pre-registration.

Noon - Keynote Speaker Patty LaRoche - Fellowship Hall

1:00pm - Fellowship Break with refreshments

1:15pm - Afternoon Sessions - various classrooms

2:00pm - Fellowship Break with refreshments

2:15pm - Closing Session- discussion of future plans for our

Shepherd's Center / Adventures in Learning program!

Keynote Speaker: Patty LaRoche

There are practical ways to live better and longer, but most require tweaking at the physical, mental and emotional levels. One thing is for certain: The most wasted of days are the ones without laughter. Join us as Patty Laroche kicks off our inaugural event with her presentation: “Aged to Perfection.”

Choose One of These Afternoon Sessions:

Cathy Werling – Lowen Milken Center

SESSION POSTPONED - Cathy has had to cancel due to a family situation but will be back with us at a future event. We are working on an alternative for Oct 14th. Please bear with us. 

The premise of the Center is to recognize the importance of those "unsung" heroes who have remained relatively unknown and yet have greatly impacted the course of history and other people's lives. I will briefly share information about some of those heroes who are featured at the Lowell Milken Center and whose stories were

uncovered by students in grades 4-12. I will also relate the Center's mission of encouraging all people, young and old, to realize the importance of being a person who makes a positive difference in the lives of others each and every day.

This goal is what led me to write children's books for the Center to bring the stories of Unsung Heroes to elementary students, inspiring them to find the "unsung hero" within themselves.  Ultimately, they learn that they, too, can have a positive impact on the lives of other people.


Larry Shead – Technology Talk

How do we stay connected? There are so many options and new apps and tools seem to appear all the time. Larry Shead taught at Fort Scott Community College for 20 years, his favorite class to teach being "Intro to Computer Technology." During this session, he will present information to help you learn about the best ways to stay connected to friends and family with today's technology. 

Ronda Hassig – Book Talk: "The Greatest Test of Courage," 

This session will cover Ronda’s book which is a work of historical Fiction for Young Adult/Adult. This presentation will include primary source documents. The book will also be available for purchase at $15.00, with $5.00 going to the local Fort Scott VFW.


"Edward Mack had everything: a wife, a newborn son, and his dream job. But as a West Point graduate stationed in the Philippines, his life changed forever on December 7, 1941. Not long after, he would survive the Bataan Death March, Camps O'Donnell and Cabanatuan. At Cabanatuan, he headed an underground operation to get food and medicine for his fellow prisoners. His final destination was Fukuoka, Japan, but first he was forced to endure the Hell Ships. In the end, only his ashes returned to his family in 1948. Then, in 2007, his son received a phone call: his father's West Point ring had been found in California."

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